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Nothing can stay hidden forever.  Not even magic...

Blaine's world turned upside-down when he saw things that couldn't possibly be real.  He thought he was going crazy, and so did everyone else.

But Blaine wasn't crazy.  Magic was real, Blaine could use it, and his use started to draw attention from...others.

As their conflict re-ignites, Blaine finds himself caught between    the ancient city of Atlantis and the people of New Asgard.  A conflict all about one question: Is the world ready to know magic is real?

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The Renegades

They're Heroes...ignore the "Wanted" posters.

The Hero Society is the most powerful group of heroes in the world.  And the most controlling.  Any hero who does not sign on with them is hunted down as a villain.  Sparrow, Geo, Stellar, Xaphan, Magix, and M5 all know this too well.  For one reason or another, they are all hunted by the Hero Society.  But if you think that will stop them from being heroes, then you don't know...The Renegades!

Book 1: Renegades Rise

Things change.  Claire used to be a sidekick.  Ethan used to be part of a super-villain gang.  Valerie used to be a scientist.  Xaphan used to live in the Underworld.  M5 used to be a mindless robot.  Mike used to be a normal thirteen year old boy.  And none of them used to be wanted by the Hero Society.  But now these six will unite to become a new group of heroes, ones who won’t follow the Hero Society’s strict rules.  This is when the Renegades Rise.

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Book 2: Warp's Warriors

Claire (Sparrow) thought the worst part about breaking her Hero Ban was being forced to wear an ankle monitor at school.  She should have been more worried about being killed.

Warp and his team of assassins have set their sights on Claire and her friends: the Renegades.  This wouldn't be such a problem if the Renegades could actually work as ateam, so Claire is determined to get them working like one.  But between a snarky scientist, a rebellious robot, an aggressive angel, an amateur wizard, and the wizard's overprotective older brother, Claire has her work cut out for her.  How can the Renegades fight off assassins when they can't stop fighting each other?

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