An Update, for a change

Well, this news feed isn't exactly good for anything if I don't actually bother to put news in it ever.  Here's what is happening with The Glasses Come Off.

1) One Spell, my first novel, has had a book launch, and is now selling at McNally Robinson Saskatoon,, and is available to borrow at the Saskatoon Public Library.  You can find the Amazon link on the website now!

2) I have joined the film company Atheneum Pictures as a writer and editor.  With them, I will be taking several TV show and movie ideas we have to the Banff Media Festival on June 12-15 and will, with a bit of hard work, be returning with work in the TV/Film industry.

3) The first book in my pre-teen book series The Renegades is currently with my editor, who should be done with it this week.  I should be ordering my first proof copy within a couple of weeks, and hopefully ordering copies to sell by the end of June.

I also plan to update this on a more regular basis, so come by regularly!