Renegades Book 2 Released!

Hello Humanity!

It has been far, far too long since I last posted on here, so let's get to the important news.

The Renegades Book 2: Warp's Warriors is now available to purchase on in both physical and digital formats.  You can find the link for the book in the Novels section, or just click:


What's more?  This book, along with my first two books, have now begun using an option so that if you purchase the physical copy of the book, you will receive the digital copy for free!

If you're in Saskatoon, the book is also on its way to making it to the bookshelves of both Indigo and McNally Robinson.

And if you're looking to meet me and get me to sign copies of the books, or are looking to buy them, then you can come on down to the Humboldt Summer Sizzler Comic Con on June 17 where I will be selling my books. 

I will also be doing a book signing at Indigo in Saskatoon on June 24.

I'm also working on a few plans that will hopefully please both fans of One Spell and The Renegades, but I'll tell you about that in a couple weeks once the plans are ready to spring into action.