Ganbatte Con

Hello Humanity!

Over the past month and a half since I last posted (yeesh, that was longer than intended) I attended both the Humboldt Summer Sizzler Comic Con and did a Book Signing at Indigo Saskatoon.  The Book Signing went very well, and I hope to make plans and do more of those in the future.

But if we're talking the immediate future, then you should know that I'm going to be at Ganbatte Con in Saskatoon this weekend, July 22 and 23!  If you're in the area and love things Anime and Nerdy, come on by!

Last but not least, a book update.  The Renegades Book 3: Climate's Control is days away (if I get hard to work on it) from being ready for Beta Readers.  That means it'll be heading out to get some opinions from readers like you in the near future.  And while The Renegades are with Beta Readers, Two Hex will shine.  I've made some changes to some of my plans for the book and am going to be taking the book through some serious rewrites in the next month or two.

That's all from me.  Until next time.