Sask Expo and Youtube

Hello Humanity!

Sorry for being away for awhile.  Here is the latest going on with me:

1) I am going to be at Sask Expo on September 16-17, so if you still need to pick up one of my books, this will be a great opportunity to grab them from me and get them signed.

2) Two Hex is well under way in its current draft.  I'm hoping to have the draft I am on done before the end of the month.  A few busy days here and there (like Sask Expo) might make that a touch tricky though.

3) The Renegades Book 3: Climate's Control is ready for Beta Readers, and I absolutely need to find a few more people to give the book a read-through so I can get their thoughts.

4) I've started making Youtube videos.  Right now you'll find an introductory video explaining my current plans for my Youtube series, and you'll also see my first book reading, where I read a part of The Renegades Book 1: Renegades Rise.  There will be a new video every single Saturday, plus additional videos when I think of something worth saying!
You can find all of these videos at my Youtube channel: HERE